GG Murder Party

GG Escape Game Murder Party 

We are delighted to present our brand new offer of Murder Party, designed for fans ofcaptivating plots and thrilling sensations !

Dive into a world where every detail matterswhere puzzles will lead you on the trail of a mysterious murderer.

In our Murder Party, you will need to demonstrate keenness, logic, and a good dose of courage to unravel the threads of a complex story and find the culprit(s).

Whether you're a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or a novice seeking new thrills, our Murder Parties are designed to immerse you in the heart of the action.

Gather your friends, form a teamand get ready to experience a thrilling adventure where suspense reigns supreme.

This experience is available From 8 players up to 80 players, ideal for special events, corporate parties, or large gatherings.

Will you dare to take up the challenge and uncover the truth behind the dark secrets of our Murder Party


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We're in 2012...

Tilda Greminglow, the elder of Grimgate, is celebrating her thousandth birthday!

 On this occasion, you have been invited to her mansion to attend the festivities. However, it seems that each guest harbors a mysterious past... The mystery deepens when, early in the evening, the elder is found dead in her room.
Quickly, the mansion is sealed off, and no one can enter or leave. 

Will you manage to unravel the circumstances of Tilda Greminglow's death and put the murderer behind bars?

Someone has been murdered, and the killer is among you!

Play as a guest at Tilda Greminglow's birthday party and investigate to uncover the actions and motivations of each player.

Everyone is hiding a secret, and it's up to you to uncover them!

However, beware, as the death of the elder may conceal a mystery much deeper than it seems...

Photograph of Tilda Greminglow on her birthday

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Our murder parties are designed to be accessible to beginners, families, and accompanied children from 12 years old.

Here is how your visit to headquarters unfolds:

  • 5 minutes of briefing before the Murder Party
  • Approximately 3 hours game
  • 5 minutes of debriefing after the Murder Party


Success Rate 40%


180 minutes - from 8 p.m.


8-80 players

Top score

Our Champions : 80mn
Normal humans : 180mn

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