Episode 3 – "Le Labo des Lutins"

Season 1, Episode 3 temporary

Search - Logic - Cooperation

The gift factory has broken down; it needs to be restarted quickly, or there won't be enough gifts for Christmas! You have 40 minutes to complete your mission in the elves' workshop.

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This first adventure for children is accessible from 5 years old up to 9 years old. One to two adults (or older children from the family, for example) must accompany the little ones. Since they are also playing, they should be included in the count for the booking.
For birthdays or parties, you can book the room for an extra hour, and we can provide candies, drinks, or cake upon request... Don't hesitate to contact us!

Here's what to expect during your visit to headquarters:

  • 5 minutes of briefing before the mission
  • 40min Game 
  • 5-10 minutes of briefing after the mission


Easy : For 5-8 years old children


40 minutes


2-5 children and/or 1-2 adults

Top score

28mn 00sec

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