Episode 2 – "Le Musée"

Season 1, Episode 2

Reflection - Search - Investigation

Infiltrate Isabelle's private museum to continue your mission! Your objective is simple: retrieve the cursed Egyptian idol.

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The second episode of GG is a mission for spies of all ages, from 10 to 132 years old. This episode is slightly more challenging than the previous one in terms of puzzles. But don't worry, HQ is here to assist you if needed!

Here's what to expect during your visit to headquarters:

  • 10 minutes of briefing before the mission
  • 1 hour of gameplay (approximately)
  • 10 minutes of briefing after the mission


Success Rate 20%


60 minutes


2-5 Players

Top score

38mn 20sec

Réservez votre mission dans le MUSÉE

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