Episode 1 : La jungle

Season 1, Episode 1

Search - Exploration - Discovery

Finding a missing agency spy in a jungle near an abandoned temple doesn't terrify you? You're in the right place! GG Headquarters awaits you for this high-risk mission.

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This first GG adventure is accessible to beginners, families, and accompanied children from 7-8 years old.
It also suits more seasoned players who may request a higher difficulty level and/or fewer hints.

Here's what to expect during your visit to headquarters:

  • 5 minutes of briefing before the mission
  • 1 hour of gameplay (approximately)
  • 5 minutes of debriefing after the mission


Easy to intermediate
Success rate 50%


60 minutes


2-6 players

Top score

Our champions : 22mn 30sec
Normal humans : 32mn

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